Moment Group builds unforgettable, unique moments in all channels and 24/7.

Co-operation – not outsourcing

Moment Way, Moment Spirit and Moment Quality guide our Contact Center activities. We have the desire and ability to create the best customer experience regardless of time, place, and channel. Our main goal is to serve our customers’ customers. This can not be done by outsourcing customer service. The unique moments are created in close cooperation with the customer, interacting and developing together.

We are delighted to serve the most prestigious brands as well as the demanding organizations that generate customer-oriented customer relationships. We will, together with our customers, create a unique customer experience for their brand in various situations and in different channels.

In practice, we design a customer-specific service process that solves the challenging situation and generates satisfied customers

  • 24/7 multichannel services. See our Contact Center services here >>
  • 250+ own employees 
  • 500+ business customers
  • 24/7 service from human to human
  • 4 000 000+ contacts per year
  • 8 Me turnover
  • Since 1989 in the Contact Center industry